You can look at a little older videos like Kanye “The Joint”

16 Apr 2013

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The Barren fig tree, which Christ cursed and withered because

16 Apr 2013

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At first, the ants will swarm around the dishes, but if the

15 Apr 2013

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Manuel Villalobos driver et tospråklig program ut av Maria

14 Apr 2013

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“I don’t speak Spanish too well

13 Apr 2013

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Welcome to the New Juniper House Website

01 Mar 2013
Welcome to the New Juniper House Website

Well it’s official. The Juniper House has a beautiful new website. We invite you to come and check out all the new photos and local attractions that Kanab has to offer. 2013 is here so plan your trip now to the grand circle of National Parks and stay in the middle of the action at the Juniper House & Piñon Cottage.